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As team members of Mindspring Capital, we are investing our own capital and have created an attractive setup, offering access to privileged investment opportunities to both individual investors and family offices.

we have an unparalleled team

Our team is built around one of the founders of the UEFA Champions League, and offers over 100 years of experience in top-tier sports. The partners have founded some of the world’s greatest sports properties, held executive positions at multiple Fortune 500 companies and had major exits with tech companies. We have differentiated domain expertise, as well as operating and capital raising experience. We have also established a strong advisory board of leaders from the industry.

we have unique deal flow

We have been immersed in the sports tech market for many years and have experience in every sector of it. We have reviewed thousands of companies and are connected to an immense pool of founders. Also, we know all major investors in the sports tech world and collaborate actively to identify the best opportunities.

we lead our startups to sucess

We do not invest and lean back. We actively support our portfolio companies with strategy and business development, opening up our network among the largest sports clubs, institutions, and brands. This ultimately allows us to reduce risk and maximize return on investment.

we have the best LP events;)

Our LP’s are part of the Mindspring Capital family and this family lives and breathes sports. Ultimately, we do not only want to do business together, we also want to build meaningful relationships and have fun. Hence we also like to connect our team meetings with some of the world’s biggest sports events.

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