The digital value of fans

An in depth analysis of the digital assets across global sports biggest properties
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Sports have grown increasingly reliant on digital channels such as social media for their business operations, particularly as organizations look to recover from the financial impact of the global pandemic.

Still very little is known about the digital value of fans. How big is it, what drives it, and how can it be captured?

Our portfolio company Horizm has just released a brilliant study on this topic, leveraging their great technology.

Check it out below👇

The Digital Value of Fans, released this week, had some eye-catching numbers based on the value of digital assets across global sports' biggest properties. However, it also contained some fascinating insights into the different levers that drive value – namely activity and performance – and which one had the greatest bearing on value.

The accompanying graph, plotting teams with followings of 20m+, is part of further analysis we did, and offers additional insight we wanted to share:

“Often, with social, the perceived wisdom is you either focus on volume or on curation; that increasing the focus on one will necessarily impact the output in the other. However, our study showed that, with a coefficient of determination of -0.02, there is little to no correlation between activity and performance at current levels. Overall, in the industry, there is still room to increase the volume of content being published and maintain high levels of engagement. The power of social media comes from that immediatism and permanent connection with your audience that rights holders should continue to potentiate”

Luis Viveiros, Head of Strategy & Consulting Services, Horizm

You can download teh full report here

Activity v Performance from the Digital Value of Fans by Horizm

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